Saturday, March 14, 2009

33 down... 7 more to go!

So here we are at 33 weeks pregnant and things have been moving right along... and slow! Last time we saw sweet Lucas he was 26 weeks old and very handsome. We had our 4D ultrasound while in Costa Rica and we loved every second of it. We can see a dimple on his chin just like his daddy. Ever since that ultrasound we have been asking ourselves daily "I wonder what Lucas looks like?" The color of his skin and hair. His size, his smiles, his cries, etc. I can't wait to hold him and kiss his big cheeks. However, every day that goes by I wonder if I am ready... I mean, can I really DO this??? And by " this" I mean everything from the long and uncomfortable last few weeks, to the painful contractions, to the probably long process of childbirth. After that, then I have to care and provide for this little baby, make sure he is okay, has enough to eat, etc, etc, etc... Okay, so maybe I am freaking out a little too much; but all this thought go through my head all at once and I have to vent somewhere... what better way than  with you guys.

Moving on... I went today to the Mom2Mom sale with Jenny and Christi. It was a bit crazy, but a lot of fun. I bought a bunch of cute little baby clothes for my sweet Lucas for really good prices. Today, Saturday, was the last day of the sale so everything was half price. The most I spent on one outfit was $5. After that, I came home and Tyler was working on installing a closet organizer in the baby's closet so I sat down to catch up on my baby books reading and felt asleep... it was such a great nap!! When I finally woke up we ran some errands and then when we came home Tyler had the great idea of assembling our stroller. We got the stuff out of the box and put it together; it was very easy... the base for the car seat is in my car ready and waiting for us to have to run to the hospital. 

As you read; we are slowly getting ready for the arrival of our sweet baby boy... I bought my mom's plane ticket today... God willing she will arrive in Pensacola on April 12 and stay here for two and half months; and hopefully Lucas will wait for her to get here before he does! I still have to wash all of the clothes I have for baby and decide where everything is going in his room. In the meanwhile I am practicing with our own laundry which seems to pile up and never go down... maybe I am just not doing it as often as I should... Oh well!

We have started Lamaze class (or Child birthing as they call it.) We have class every Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm. So far we have learned some breathing techniques and watch a very detailed video of a natural child birth. I would like to have my baby without pain medication; HOWEVER, I am fully aware of the fact that I don't take pain very well. So, we are very much open to options. I have watch  the video and signed the release papers for the epidural or any kind of other anesthetics. To be honest; the epidural video scared me a little, but I also know that doctors do it everyday.  I am just praying for every minute of labor from beginning to end.

So far I am doing well, I get very tired at the end of the day. I move very slow and have to be constantly changing positions when I am sitting or laying down. My belly is pretty big; and just when I think that I can't get any bigger and heavier then I have to go to the doctor so she can tell me how much weight I have gained and how many centimeters my belly has grown. Like I said before, I have officially 7 more weeks to go. Lucas is very active and kicking like he wants out sooner. We both think he is going to be here a few days before April 30 (EDD) which would be nice. 

And to end on a happy note; here is the picture of Lucas' ultrasound. I have to take and post pictures of my daily growing belly; so expect those soon.



Dressed-Up Dots said...

I love love LOVE yall and have been thinking about yall endlessly!!! Wow! It's getting sooooooo close! All you are feeling (physically and emotionally) is completely normal and is a blessing to re-live this exciting time through you, sweet, sweet friend!!!!!