Monday, September 8, 2008


We are very happy to announce that we are expecting our first child!!! We've been praying about this moment since we got married asking God for timing and direction...He has answered our prayers. Let me just warned you that this is going to be a weird post; there are a lot of things in my head that come out all at once so please bear with me... I know that by now most of you know about our pregnancy but I've been so busy that just now I have the time to write about.
It all started on August 25th; I was late for a week on my period (TMI sorry)but had refused to take a pregnancy test with the fear it was going to be negative... all day at work I was thinking " What if I am pregnant?!... What if I'm not?" so I left work right at 5 and stopped at the Dollar store for 2 pregnancy test... I got home and thought I would test in the morning since it's probably going to be better... as I was fixing something to eat before I went to Bible Study I just could not stop walking around the house like crazy and thinking about the two pregnancy tests I had in my purse. Finally I just got up and went to the bathroom and tested... waited, waited, waited, but after 1 minute I could not wait anymore and HAD to stare at the test (like that was going to affect the result) by then the + sign started to show up and I could not believe it... I waited the three minutes and it was still there "The blue + sign"... Oh my God... Lord, is it true?!, Is this a joke? I am going to be mad if it is... then I could only fall on my knees and pray and thank God for His gift. I had to get out of the house say bye to Tyler (he was outside cutting the grass) and leave before he could see it in my face. I was running late for Bible Study so I just waived bye to him. The whole time at Bible Study I was in La-la land... could not stop thinking if the test was really positive or if it was wrong and I should not be so cheap and buy the test somewhere else but at the Dollar store. Once I got home I took the second test and it was also positive... I knew I had to tell Tyler at that moment or he would know something was up just by looking at me. I put both POSITIVE pregnancy test with the "If your test is positive" instructions from the box on his nightstand and on top of that a note that said: "Guess what?!" I sat in the bed and pretended to be reading a magazine (really I was just keeping my head down until he found the note) He finally saw the note and asked what was that about... Then he picked it up and looked at me in disbelieve and proceeded to say: "ARE YOU SEROIUS?!" as I answered: "Now you know as much as I know... You're going to be a daddy!!" We were so happy and could hardly believe it.
At that moment we decided not to tell anyone until his family knew; we were going to see them for lunch on Sunday so it was perfect. Sunday came around and my sister-in-law and her family could not make it for lunch so it we had to wait an extra week and keep our secret. It was so hard to keep the good news a secret that we called my family in Costa Rica and told them the news. Finally Sunday lunch arrived and we had made cards for each member of the family to tell them our Baby news... It was a very special time and everyone was happy for us followed by a "Finally!!" I guess they had been waiting a while for our baby LOL!
I am now 9 weeks into the pregnancy and have had no signs of morning sickness, which I am very thankfull for; however, I've been feeling very hungry and very tired lately. I am not complaining, believe me! I rather sleep all day than throw up hahaha. We went for our first appointment last week and we got our first picture of Baby Kepner (or Peanut as we call him/her now) the doctor said everything looked great; the baby is in good shape and size and we have nothing to worry about. I guess this is where I should tell you I had some spotting early in the pregnancy and I was freaking out about it; but now I feel a lot better and haven't had any spotting since my 6th week.
As you can imagine I will be posting on the pregnancy subject for the next few months trying to keep everyone informed. Sorry again for taking so long to post the good news... And now I'll leave you with Peanut's first picture. S/he is the one between the two + signs.