Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 month old later...

So it has been a while since I update the blog and I know I keep saying that I'll be better about it but the truth is my days go by so fast and I feel like I'm so busy that I just forgot. It's funny that I feel so tired at the end of the day and all I do is care for a 7 week old all day and night.

Lucas is now 7 and 1/2 weeks old; he is growing very fast (13 lbs) and everyday a little bit cuter... ok, maybe I see it that way cause he's my son. He is a very good baby; stays in his crib even when he's awake and loves loves loves his swing. He can sleep in that swing for hours! He loves to look at the ducks on top and "talk" to them. He is very much into paying attention at his surroundings and smiles when we talk to him. I just love that smile so I figure I'd share it with you guys here in the blog's main picture.
Our daily routine is pretty much the same everyday and I have enjoyed having my mom here. She has been a wonderful help...specially the first few weeks and then when I got sick. Yes, I got sick and it was bad; I got mastitis which is an infection in the breast when you're breastfeeding. It's all flu-like symptoms plus really bad pain in one breast. I had 102 temperature and could not even hold Lucas since the pain went all the way down my arm. Tyler and my mom were a huge help; my mom even cared for Lucas one night so I could get a whole night of sleep. Like that was not bad enough I got mastitis a second time about 2 weeks ago. Apparently when you get it once it's very likely you get it again. TMI??? Sorry!
The good news is that Lucas and I are going to Costa Rica!!!! YAY!! I am so excited! My dad could not wait to meet his grandson so he's paying for our tickets to go down there the whole month of July! GLORY!!!! I was able to push back my return-to-work-date and my mom and I are flying together on July 07. I am a bit nervous about flying back with him; mainly cause I have to come back by myself. Also, I don't know how he'll do in the plain. I hope he's as good as he's at home; but you never know... Babies are full of surprises! Besides that, I am super excited cause my aunt and family from California will be in CR as well and we are going to have all kinds of family get-togethers.
I want to take Lucas to get some pictures taken at a studio and take my niece Victoria to take a picture with him and give it as a present to my parents... they would love that! My sister cannot wait to hold sweet Lucas and even mentioned "trading babies" for a little while hahaha she's so funny! I think now that she has a toddler she misses the baby stage.
Sine I mentioned that Lucas loves to smile, here is a video so you can see him and smile with him. I will take a bunch of pictures while in CR and share the best ones once we get back.

I have to say that I love motherhood! It's not easy, it's very tiring, and it's something new every day; but I won't change it for anything. Some days I feel like I got nothing done around the house and that my day went by and at 4pm I haven't even shower... But then I think about my sweet Lucas and how he takes all of my energy and time, and how it all goes away when I see him smile or sleep like an angel.
By the way!! Now that I said sleep like an angel; my sweet little angel is now sleeping 6 hours at night. It is SO NICE! It's a big step; the first week he was waking up every hour or so to eat; then every 2 or 3 hours that that was nice; then 4 hours and that was even nicer! But 6 hours?! Whooo hoooo!!! The first night I freaked out; I got up and checked that he was breathing; it scared me to death; but there he was snoring. The only down side to that is that he wakes up starving and therefore screaming his head off. But he eats and goes right back to sleep... I love that little boy!!
We have to see the pediatrician and get shots before we leave the country. I am so NOT looking forward to that appointment. It's going to be very bad for me to see him cry in pain; I'll have to write about that then.
Oh! There's my cue!! I hear crying!! 'Till next time...