Friday, February 20, 2009

Costa Rica... Part II

Ok, I'm back with more from our trip to Costa Rica since last time I only covered one day. This will go much faster, I promise. Before that I wanted to leave you with the video of when we sang Happy Birthday to my here it is:

After all the partying on Saturday we left to go to Manzanillo beach in Limon (about 2 hours from the border with Panama in the Caribbean.) We were very excited about this trip with my mom and her husband. Tyler had never been in that part of the country and it had been about 12 years since the last time I was there. We got there at about 4:30pm and it was a bit cloudy but still nice so we took some pictures of the place and waited until the next day to enjoy the amenities. On Monday we got up to an even cloudier day but still got ready and went to the beach. We had been there for about 5 minutes when it started raining. We decided to hang out at the beach and get wet with the rain cause we were planning on getting in the water anyways. We thought the rain would pass and we could enjoy the beach. WRONG!!!! The rain didn't stop... for 3 whole days the rain did not stop!! That MOnday we still walked to a high point for the nice view... it was pouring down rain and muddy but we still made it. Here are pictures of that day... the only day at the beach we took pictures. You can tell it's a beautiful place when is sunny.

Tyler in the rain

By Tuesday afternoon we were so bored that we decided to go check out the border with Panama. All we had been doing for 1 and 1/2 days was eating, playing ping pong, and listening to the rain. We were excited to be doing something else. Let me just tell you that border towns and never pretty and you can't judge a country

At the Costa Rica - Panama Border

Moving on... Wednesday we had planned to return. My mom and her husband were planning on staying until Friday but the rain was so bad that they decided to go back with us. We packed up and drove for about 2.5 hours when we came up to a bunch of cars lined up in a complete stop at the side of the road. We figured we'd pull over like everyone else and get out to see what was going on. Since it had rained for the past 3 days straight and it was still raining up in the mountain the Banano River had flooded.  The only highway to get back home was completely flooded - only large trucks and SUVs could go through.  We ended up waiting for 3 hours for the water to recede.  Finally, after almost deciding to turn back - we, instead, decided to brave the water and go through.  We were so nervous treading trough that murky water, we thought the car was going to stall at any moment.  When we reached the other side, we were so relieved.  But we were more relieved later when we found out that we were lucky to be able to go through when we did.  If we had turned around and gone back - we would have been stuck there for at least a week!  Wow, how God watches out for His children!

Whew!!! So that's been our week until Wednesday night so far. I will post pictures of our 4D ultrasound on the next post!! 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update... Part I

Hello my friends... I know it has been a long time since I blogged and I am sorry. I really need to be better about it. So let's see... where do we start?? After Lucas Tyler's room got painted (by Tyler and his mom) we moved in the furniture. Also hung some pictures and even his name. It is finally looking more like " the nursery." We are so excited... everyday a bit more. I flip from excited to scared to am I ready for this adventure? But then I calm down and thank the Lord for our precious child. So here is a picture of the baby's room so far.

The idea of having the room as ready as we could by mid-January was because we had planned a trip to Costa Rica on Jan. 30th. There my sister and my mom had planned a Baby Shower for us with the whole family. So that's my next update... Our trip to Costa Rica. We arrived there late Friday night... said hello to my mom, dad, sister, and niece and went to bed. The next day got up early and went to the Farmer's Market... nothing like you'd see here. They set up their booths on Friday late night/Saturday early morning and for about 5 blocks you have people yelling at you to try their fruit or buy their veggies... it was a cool and different experience. After that we headed to Fotos Anna Studio; there we had an appointment for our "Pretty Pregnancy Pictures" (that's what I like to call them). The lady took several pictures and was very nice... she put some make-up on me and then I had to work the camera. So here is the product of that morning... I must tell you that this pictures were NOT digital so I had to scan and post them. Here they are:

Sorry about the "nudity" but I thought they were very tastefully done ;-) So we had a busy Saturday since that afternoon was the Baby Shower... we had about 70 people between family ad friends (mostly family). After that we went ahead and celebrated my dad's 50th birthday... Needless to say that we partied for about 7 hours. we had a great time! Got to see everybody all at once. I've never had so many hands and kisses on my belly in one day. I thought it was going to bother me but it was kind of fun to see how people always have something to say while rubbing your belly. Many leaned over and talked to Lucas; many kissed "him"; many hugs... I am just glad I did not wear a white shirt!! It is funny to me how cultures are different; here in the USA we are so private and in touch with " my space"... in Latin America they don't even ask you if they can touch your belly... they just do! They hug it and kiss it and even ask you to lift your shirt so they can see it! hahahahaha

My sister had planned some awesome games for the baby shower... You may have heard or played the game where you melt a piece of chocolate in a diaper and then people have to taste it and find out what type of chocolate it is... here is a twist! How about you melt the chocolate in the diaper, hide 2 pieces of party favors in the chocolate, and then put the daiper in a chair and make the game about finding the items with only your mouth (hands behind your back!!!!) Yes... that is exactly what Tyler and my dad had to play! It was so funny!!! I'll let you see it for yourself!

We played more games and had great food! Later on we transitioned to my dad's 50th birthday celebration. We had a piNata, cake, and CARNIVAL!!!! It was so fun! We danced and laughed and danced some more. We sang happy birthday A-la-Costa Rican and ate some cake!! After that Tyler and I opened the presents we received for Lucas and oh! they were all so precious!! I love the little pajamas and outfits; he even got his first pair of soccer cleats! We are very thankful to all the family and friends who are already loving on our baby boy.

So... that's the summary of our first day in Costa Rica...I am sorry it was so long but I promise that was just the summary!! I am know going to leave you with the video of Happy B-day Frank and a few pictures of the BAby shower. I will post again soon... you don't want to miss the rest of our adventure...
My mom guessing the size of my belly

Tyler and his baby diaper after the chocolate game

My sister explaining the next game

The cake my sister and cousin baked for the Baby Shower

A painting my cousin pained for the nursery

Opening more presents

Happy 50th Birthday daddy!!

My dad and sister dancing during Carnival time!

Tyler and I during the carnival