Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!

Yes, you guessed it... we went to Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend. Our friends Juan Carlos and Veronica live there and they invited us so we decided to accept their invitation and fly across country for the first time. We left Friday 23 and got back Tuesday 27. We had a great time... it was so awesome to see our friends, who we hadn't seen in 3 years. Since we got there Friday night, our friends picked us up at the airport and we went for a drive to the Strip... it was very overwhelming to see all the lights and the tons of people walking around. Traffic was terrible, and crazy people everywhere.

Saturday we got up had breakfast and it was out to the strip... we visited the Wynn, The Palazzo, and the The Venetian. We took our time and saw everything, walked around the casinos, the shops (awesome shops by the way) and had lunch at the San Marcos Plaza followed by a Gondola ride. These three casinos were awesome and actually I decided that The Venetian was my favorite of all of them. We also went to a show Saturday night at the MGM called KA by Cirque Du Soleil.. very cool show - highly recommend it if you're visiting Las Vegas.

Sunday we had a late start since we were kind of tired from all the Saturday activities; so we made it for an early lunch at an awesome French restaurant in Paris Casino... we walked around the Casino and also took pictures at the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. We also went to The MGM Mirage, Caesars Palace and Bellagio.., Obviously saw the Fountain Show and it was soooo much better than in T.V. We had some awesome food at different restaurants in these hotels as well...

Monday was our last day to enjoy Vegas so we got up early, and went to the New York, M&M Store/Factory, Las Vegas Sign, The Stratosphere, Luxor, Excalibur, and back to the house for some homemade pasta by chef J.C. Kvedaras... He makes an awesome Carbonara for which Tyler got the recipe so I am excited about having a nice meal prepared by my husband. There is some other stuff that I left out, like the fact that I played video poker (only played $1) and won $26, we played a little Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold 'em, and others but no big or crazy amounts spent... our theme was "just for fun"... and that's how we kept it fun, cool, and cheap haha.

I recorded a video of the Bellagio Fountains... That show is really awesome! I took the video with my picture camera so excuse the lack of good quality. You can check out the rest (all) of our pictures... just click here.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dog Attack...

So it's been a few weeks since I posted a new entry and I finally have the time to just sit down and write. First of all, April 27was our 5th year Wedding Anniversary. We had a nice dinner at the Melting Pot and exchange presents... Our big present to each other was a riding lawn mower; weird, I know! But now everyone in our house is happy; Tyler gets the yard done quicker and I am happy the grass is nice and short. We also decided to have a $20 budget for each other's presents to see what we could come up with... We are NOT the crafty type but ended up with really cute ideas. I made Tyler a wooden organizer for his cell, iPod, glasses, wallet, etc. He made me a picture frame in a purse shape which also works as a box to put things inside... hard to explain.

Now to the subject that has kept us busy, sad, and worried for the two week. Our dog, Jack, was attacked by the neighbors dog last Friday. I was getting ready to go to work, at around 7:30am, and let Jack out to "get busy" in the back yard, OUR fenced backyard. Jack is a pretty territorial type of dog and to prove it he goes #1 against the fence's boards on each side there's a dog next door. He knows there are big dogs at the other side so he pees and runs. Well, no such a luck this last time. I was standing at the back door watching him and called him to come inside when he was peeing against the fence when all of the sudden I saw in trying to pull back from the fence (like his leg got caught) and crying so I started running towards him when I saw him being pulled to the other side of the fence from underneath by the German Shepperd from next door.

Jack is a 13 pound miniature Schnauzer, when the other dog got him from OUR side of the fence unto his side one of the board of the fence fell on the ground and I was able to look into the neighbors back yard where I could hear Jack screaming, and saw the GS bite Jack and wouldn't stop. At that point the neighbors came out and tried few times to get the dog away from Jack but he kept coming back, until Jack fell in the pool and figured out that was the only place where he was safe and stayed at the pool step. I asked the neighbor if I could go around to get Jack out of the pool; run inside grabbed a towel and went to get jack out of the pool. Every time I tried to touch him he would scream cause something hurt; I finally put the towel under him and picked him up that way. He was shaking and bleeding so I rushed him to the Animal Hospital.

When I got to the hospital the doctor told me that he was going to wait until Jack came out of his "shock" and then check on him. He didn't say if Jack was going to make it; he just told me to leave my phone number and he would call me with updates. At around 10:00 am the doctor called me and told me they were not very successful checking all the injuries cause jack was STILL in shock and tried to bite them when they tried to touch the injuries. Then he said that one of the wounds was so deep that punctured a whole on Jack's stomach and he had to have surgery by the afternoon... still not saying if Jack was going to make it. "We'll do our best", he said. To make matters worse the dog bite had moved one of Jack's kidneys to his back and part of the surgery was to put the kidney back in its place and hope it all worked out.

Long story and lots of details... Jack was in ICU for three days with lots of pain killers and drugs to avoid infections all with an I.V as well as food and water. He finally came home Monday and it was really sad to see him walk around sleeping all the time and just not being himself. Here is a picture of jack when we went to see him at the hospital after his surgery... poor little guys was so druged that his tongue was sticking out and there was a puddle of drool under his face.
Thank God that Jack is doing a lot better now; he's home still taking antibiotics and pain killers depending on the day. We are now in "talks" with the neighbor who's dog attacked Jack. He doesn't feel like the attack was his fault because many dumb reason like: "dogs are dogs", "my dog thought your dog was a squirrel", "your dog came into my property", and others. We'll probably taking him to the Small Claims Court to get him to pay for the vet bill. I'll update on this issue as we progress... We have to take Jack to the Vet Wednesday to have the 15 staples on his belly removed. I have the feeling it won't be an easy task.