Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No pain, No gain...

"Forsus™ : When the lower jaw is retrusive (back) relative to the upper jaw we sometimes use an appliance called the Forsus appliance to encourage jaw growth by positioning the lower jaw forward." This "appliance" is what I got installed in my mouth this morning after a visit to my Orthodontist. But that's not all... I got a "stiffer" (stronger, bigger) wire on my upper teeth and everything was tighten up. It was an hour appointment and they used every minute of it adjusting, changing, and adding stuff. Right now I feel pretty good, I have no pain and besides the uncomfortable springs in my mouth I'm surprisingly painless. However, that does not mean anything because the doctor guaranteed pain tonight and in the days to come. I'm just glad he didn't make me use a head-gear cause I would've just ask him to remove the braces and be done with it. I have to wear the Forsus for six months and I can't take them off by myself... so I'm stuck! Hopefully after all the pain and discomfort my jaw will move to normal position and the doctor will remove my braces... that would be sooooo nice!!
This weekend my sister in law and family will be moving to their new house which I am really excited about because is only 3 miles from our house. The idea is to get bicycles and ride to their house but we'll see how that actually works out. We'll be able to see them more and hopefully spend time with Ella (our niece). Hopefully the weather will stay nice and clear!!
'till next time...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

I was born April 1st, 1982... no joke. April's Fool baby, I know; however, it is not April Fools day in Costa Rica and that's where I was born *lol*. I had a wonderful day on my birthday; my sweet husband gave me a beautiful Calla Lily planter which I thought was pretty original instead of the usual flower arragnment.

I had to work all day, but no major issues with customers and a few of them even called me to wish me a happy birthday. The cool thing about a birthday is that gives your friends a good reason to call you. I got a bunch of calls and text messages from friends and family. My dad just could not wait and was the first one to call at 6:30am (5:30am Costa Rican time).

Last Sunday we celebrated with the family here and i got some pretty cool presents... the funniest birthday comment was made by my niece, Ella, she said "Tia (aunt in Spanish), we got you a purse because you have too many shoes" Guilty as charged! It was a gorgeous day on Sunday so we ate outside at the back porch in my in-laws' house.

Tyler gave me my "big present" yesterday and I love it! A pair of Ray Ban sunglasses I've been wanting for the past few months... Of course today is foggy and cloudy so I haven't been able to wear them. He also gave me a dress that I had tried on few weeks ago and decided not to buy because that day I was looking for an Easter dress.. so he actually remembered and went back to the store and got it for me... in the right size. Gotta love him!!!

So, I'm excited about this year and what the big 2-6 will bring. I can hardly believe I'm 26 years old... I met Tyler when I was almost 19 and we've been married almost 5 years!!! Where has time gone so fast?!

Here is a picture of what my sunglasses look like and my Calla Lily... I wish everyone an awesome birthday day whenever that is.

This weekend we are going to a Hockey game for the Ice Pilots and I am looking forward to it. Although I know nothing about this sport I like the fights and the stuff that's going on during the game. I also love me a good pretzel and cheese *lol* I'll be posting pictures next week.
Hope everyone has a great week and weekend.